Most of your wiring is part of a wire harness.  Harnesses came into play in the early 1930’s and were in all Studebaker vehicles by the mid 1930’s.  Over the years the shapes and roles of these harnesses changed some.  Earlier cars could have an upper chassis harness that takes care of the dashboard area and then a lower chassis harness would take care of most everything else.  Over the years the upper chassis harness developed into what we call a main chassis harness and took over most of the wiring in the engine compartment as well as still providing most of the wiring under the dashboard.  The lower chassis harness developed into what we call a rear chassis harness and serviced the rear lighting and gas tank.  Then other harnesses came along including overdrive control harnesses.

The harnesses don’t cover all the wiring and you will find some things like headlamp cables that go from the actual lamps to the lower or main chassis harness.  If these cables connect to a harness they may do so with the use of connectors or junction blocks.

Lark Works can sell you just a harness or all of the harnesses for your vehicle.  We can provide you with a full bumper to bumper harness and cable set if that is what you are needing!

All of our harness and some of our more complicated cables come labeled with installation instructions.  Here are some examples of what you will get!