Heavy Cables & Straps

Lark Works provides heavy battery and starter solenoid to starter motor cables as well as ground straps. We use Studebaker engineering drawings (blue prints) for these cables so they are very close to the original cables. We now build all 6 volt cables with one gauge cable where Studebaker often times required four or two gauge cable.  We also build all 12 volt cables with two gauge which is also heavier then what Studebaker called out for.  Here are some examples of our work!

1539935, starter switch to starter motor cable, 1956 Sky Hawk, 1957 Golden Hawk, 1957-1959 Silver Hawk, 1960-1961 Hawk, 1962-1964 GT Hawk, 1959-1964 Lark VIII, Trucks: 2E5, 2E10, 3E1, 3E5, 3E10, 4E1, 4E5, 4E10, 5E6, 5E7, 5E11, 5E12, 6E6, 6E7, 6E11, 6E12, 7E7, 7E12
1540066, battery ground cable,  Avanti                      1956-1958 Champion/Commander/President, 1959-1966 Lark                                                    Trucks: 3E-6E models 2,7,12,13,28,38,40, 5E-6E models 5,6,10,11, 7E-8E models5,7,10,12,13,28,40
511323, battery ground strap, used on many cars from 1929-1947, many trucks from M series and earlier
196668, starter switch to starter motor cable, 1939-1942 Champion, 1946 Champion