Other Brands

Lark Works has worked with other wire harness shops over the years.  We are set up as a vendor with three of the best shops in the U.S.A. allowing us to offer you their products at their retail prices.

Things can be difficult when ordering the wiring for your vehicle as one shop may not have everything that you need.  Recently we purchased wiring for a Dodge panel truck and we worked with three different shops to get the customer what they needed.  Let Lark Works do the hard part for you and find what you need for your vehicle!

Lark Works can provide you with many wire harnesses and cables for many vehicles.  Here is a list of just some of the brand names that we can offer wiring for.

Auburn    Buick    Cadillac

Chevrolet    Chrysler    Desoto

Diamond “T”

Dodge    Ford    Franklin

GMC     Hupmobile    IHC

Lincoln    Mack    Mercury

Nash    Oldsmobile    Packard

Plymouth    Pontiac    Willys