Product Pictures

180049, lower chassis harness, 1933 President model 92
190160S, upper chassis harness 1937 Dictator models 5A and 6A, Coupe Express models J5, with wiring for class B directional signal lamps
512589S, rear compartment harness, 1941 Champion 3G, Commander 11A, President 7C, wires added for class B directional signal lamps
293375, headlamp cables, 1951 Champion 10G, Commander H
519827, overdrive relay to main chassis harness cable, used on all models from 1947-1954
530355, overdrive control harness, 1951 Commander H
534402, main chassis harness, 1953 Champion 14G sedan
1554678, rear chassis harness, 1962-1963 Lark
1560092, main chassis harness, 1963 Lark VIII with Jet Thrust engine
When we say we build to the engineering drawings or blue prints this is what we are talking about!