How To Order

  I Need New Wiring, Where Do I Start?

Gathering information about you and your vehicle.

    • Lark Works will need your name, email or phone, and a general location for shipping and tax reasons.
    • You will be sent a list of questions about about you and your vehicles needs.

How Much Will It Be And What Will I Get?

The detailed quote prepared just for you.

    • You receive a quote in an email or by regular mail, per your preference.
    • This quote is very detailed and even includes things like what old parts you will need to reuse.
    • You can review the quote and request anything be removed or added and we will update it.
    • Approve the quote by verbal or email (written) confirmation.  *see picture of quote below*
    • We have a minimum order amount of $50 for U.S. customers and $150 for orders outside of the U.S.

How Do I Pay?

In order to place your order Lark Works requires you to pay in full.

    • You can send a check or money order.
    • Lark Works can have PayPal or Square send you an invoice in an email where you can pay with a PayPal account or credit/debit card, we don’t take cards directly.
    • Lark Works requires paying with PayPal, Square or Western Union for foreign orders.

When Will I Receive My Order?

Once the payment has been made Lark Works will provide you with a ship date.

    • Lark Works build on order, therefore we have no products “on the shelf”.
    • Build time is generally 8 to 10 weeks, unless otherwise specified.
    • All orders are shipped with USPS and are insured.
    • If your order is delayed for any reason, Lark Works will notify you via phone or email as to when your order will ship.

Below is an example of a typical quote from Lark Works. Zoom in with your smart phone!